At Hart Chiropractic Center in Geneva, IL we pride ourselves in providing each patient with exceptional care in a warm and friendly patient centered environment. Our team of professionals specialize in Chiropractic Care, Spinal Decompression, Massage Therapy and Physical Medicine. 

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Office News

  • Bows, Tags & Bags for Mutual Ground

    We are collecting bows, bags, tags, tissue paper, tape, gift boxes and ribbon for Mutual Ground. Mutual Ground is a non-profit organization providing programs in Kane County that focus on Safety, Healing and Prevention for domestic violence and sexual assault victims. We will be collecting items until Saturday, December 6th during our normal office hours.   Read More...

  • Free Concussion Workshop

    Come and join us for this FREE concussion workshop held at the Geneva Public Library on Tuesday, October 14th at 7:00pm.  Presentation by Dr. Matthew Hart of Hart Chiropractic.   Read More...

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“I heard I’ll have to go forever” is a myth

You may want to go to your chiropractor forever once you've started because you didn't realize how great getting adjusted is, but your doctor won’t expect you to come for continuous care without symptoms. Generally, if you come in with pain, once you've been treated for your initial complaint, you’ll be scheduled for a few more appointments to make sure proper motion is being maintained, then it will be recommended you return occasionally to be checked just like you would go to the dentist to get checked for tartar buildup and cavities. Of course, many people still choose to see their chiropractor weekly or monthly for wellness or maintenance care.